Clam Epoxy Drop


SKU: 110230

If you left Drops and Half Ant Drops in the same tackle box, this is what their babies would look like. Built on a Drop-like body, we added a "nose shelf” platform for a Swarovski® Gem. Entire jig is coated with an incredibly bright and durable epoxy paint. Interesting presentation properties are introduced with the nose. Alluring light reflection from the disco ball.Talk about something fish haven’t seen. Made From Tungsten 30% Heavier Than Lead

Weights: 1/16oz, 7/64oz
Hook Sizes: 12, 10
Colors: White/Org Glow Spot, White/Blue Glow, White/Org Glow, Green Glow, Red/White Glow, Org/White Glow
Species: Crappie, Perch, Bluegill, Small Trout
Bait with: Maki Plastics, Euro larvae, Waxis, Spikes Drop
Made From Tungsten
30% Heavier Than Lead