Clam Big Tooth Rig

SKU: 110418
It’s the signature rig that launched the company. The Y-yoke design on
the BigTooth Rig makes it easy to rig even large suckers (or other minnows)
in a perfect, horizontal swimming position, so they can move freely and
react to approaching monsters.
  • Size: 7" Y-Yoke wire
  • Hooksizes: 1/0,2 .
  • Blade Colors:red,gold,fire tiger .
  • Species: Walleye, Pike
  • Bait With: Sucker Minnow, Dead Bait
As merciless as marauding pike and walleyes are, they can also shy away from “too much hardware” at times. In clear water (and a lot of water is clear under the ice!) the Bigtooth Fluoro Rig shines. Let’s rephrase. It shines because it doesn’t shine. Light passes through heavy fluorocarbon, which holds twin trebles and fish-attracting blades in the exact position for the size of your minnow. As big fish near, the bait struggles to get away. Nothin’ for the big fish to see except its next meal. Teeth crunch down and the line goes out and you get ready to haul it back. When fish are shying away, Bigtooth Fluoro will convince them to play.
  • Original quick-strike rig for large predators
  • Presents bait in a natural position
  • Heavy-duty 100 lb. clear lo-vis fluorocarbon
  • Solid hook-ups for large predator game fish
  • Highest quality components - blood red 3X strong trebles, dependable hand crimped construction, attractor beads & blades
  • Best when used below a tip-up, bobber or rattle reel