Big Bite 5" Wacky Stick/O-Ring (7pk)

SKU: 99890
So what makes the Big Bite Baits Wacky Stick so special? It’s the first stick bait to mold an O-ring into the plastic. No more O-ring tools or packs of O-rings to wrestle with, all you have to do is take your favorite wacky hook and slide it through the exposed portion of the molded-in O-ring. The Big Bite Baits Wacky Stick offers the same great wacky rig action of a traditional wacky rigged stick bait with none of the hassle. Available in a range of proven colors, the Big Bite Baits Wacky Stick can also be rigged in all the same ways you would a normal stick bait.
Length Quantity
5" 7