Baby Beaver XL

SKU: 129605
The Baby beaver XL is 14.5" long and weighs 6 ounces (dry weight) and uses 8/0 hooks. It is a truly revolutionary bait that is tough to categorize, is it a swimbait or jerkbait? Truth is as long as you are moving this bait it will work, tough to work the wrong way! Short jerks and pauses of the rod impart a unique swimming action that has not been able to be achieved by a conventional bait. It has the lifelike almost weightless appearance of a fly with the toughness of a conventional bait. Every musky angler needs one of these.
CONSTRUCTION:  The Baby Beaver is constructed of plastic with .051 wire molded into each body piece. Each body piece is hand tied with deer hair and connected together with split rings. The rubber tail is molded onto the hook and is attached to the bait with a split ring making it replaceable."