Airflo KG Streamer MAX Fly Line
Airflo KG Streamer MAX Fly Line


Airflo KG Streamer MAX Fly Line

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Its short, 26' head is made up of 22' of density compensated sink, combined with an intermediate density transition zone, which eliminates line hinge. Density compensated even on the smaller line sizes, the Streamer Max Short features a micro loop at the butt end of the line.
The tip section is level and can be cut back to suit the rod. Airflo recommend doing this 6 inches at a time and testing on the fly rod until a fine tuned casting state is achieved. This sinking tip graduates into and intermediate belly before the running line, allowing a graduated sinking profile for maintaining contact with the flies, therefore improving hook-ups. In America these lines are used to throw streamers and big lures into deep turbulent pools, or against structure or drop offs, short aggressive strips entice very large predatory trout to strike and with the power core allow you to embed the hook.  

Taper: forty + expert head / long front taper design 
Core: Power Core 
Coating: Polyfuse XT dual layer system, ridged on running line 
Poly-leader: trout, sea-trout / saltwater 
Perfect in 40 - 86 fahrenheit