13 Fishing Archangel Rod

SKU: 160438
Every aspect of 13 Fishing Archangel Rods have been painstakingly thought over, designed, and obsessed about, from the tip guide, to the exact number of thread wraps, and the butt cap, resulting in one of the finest fishing rod series in existence. A structurally perfect blank, built through state of the art manufacturing processes to produce a lighter, thinner more sensitive, and very durable construction. Fuji’s Torzite System consists of Fuji’s K style tanglefree titanium frames equipped with Torzite ring inserts. Torzite rings are 40% thinner, 10% lighter, and dissipate heat more efficiently than SiC inserts without the need to sacrifice durability or hardness.
Zonal Action Technology separates the blank into three distinct zones (tip, mid, and handle) with unique performance characteristics. Hex-Axial Reinforcement in the Lower Zone increases overall hoop strength and provides the ultimate cross sectional stability, which minimizes the energy lost to ovalization and provides superior backbone power. Tubular Fiber Matrix in the Mid Zone removes localized bending caused by standard patterns, which allows even distribution of loading and unloading on the blank for maximum energy transfer. Linearized Fiber Construction in the Tip Zone allows for a more sensitive tip with casting accuracy. Pyrofil MR 70 is an innovative IM carbon fiber that exceeds standard IM fiber in strength and modulus (sensitivity).
13 Fishing Archangel Rod Features:
  • High Performance IM Carbon Fiber MR70 Carbon Nano Tube Construction
  • ZAT3 Technology
  • Fuji Titanium Torzite Guides
  • Custom Evolve CNC Butt Cap