Fabill Black Pro Thermal Tip-up Kit


SKU: 96042

The original insulated tip-up and still the best on ice! Frabill’s Pro-Thermal offers the features and performance to make tip-up fishing easier and more productive. Unique round shape and thick insulation covers the entire hole to prevent freeze-up, even at -25°F! Seals the hole to keep blowing snow and slush out and blocks unnatural sunlight that can spook shallow water trophies.
  • The Original Insulated Tip-Up
  • Flag extends to 20" (adds 8" to traditional flag height)
  • Fully enclosed to better protect insulation
  • Constructed of high-impact polymer that is stick-proof on frozen surfaces
  • Easy stow design allows for stacking in 5-6 gallon bucket
  • Covers 10" hole
  • Pre-lubed with Sub-Zero® low-temp lubricant for smooth operation in coldest temperatures
  • Shaft in shaft deisng allows re-greasing
  • Removable spool shaft for ease of cleaning and re-lubrication
  • Dual trip settings allow anglers to set to the tension needed for any application
  • Ready to fish - includes line, depth finder, line markers, and a #1677 Lil' Shiner Tip-Up Light