Bay de Noc Flutter Laker Taker

SKU: 152243
 A superb trolling lure brought to you by the Bay De Noc lure Company (Makers of the Swedish Pimple). The Flutter laker Taker's unique curve shape maximizes the fluttering action of the spoon provoking predatory fish to instinctively strike the lure.

The Flutter Laker Taker has a sharp bend at the treble hook end which makes the lure very popular for slow trolling or multiple lure use on down-riggers.

The Flutter Laker Taker lures are known to reach the catch limit on trout and other similar species. Lake trout, chinnooks, coho, and walleye love the swimming bait-fish image of this lure.

The Flutter Laker Takers are made from .020 spring brass. This light lure will continue it's motion under very slow trolls without losing its effectiveness.

  • Made from .020 spring brass
  • Continues to be effective under slow troll
  • 100% American Made
  • History of limit catches, Lure is a proven winner