Slammer 6" Deep Shad


SKU: 50030

A new look to an already great little bait with the newly redesigned shad body shape. This popular shad/panfish shaped body has unbelievable action when cast and reeled straight in or when "twitched”. It puts out a tremendous amount of flash, noise and vibration at all speeds. They now make even more noise as a loud, deep, single-knocker style rattle has been added to them in 2013. Dives to 10 feet casting and will troll to 20 foot plus at speeds of over 5mph. Easy to use and cast all day.
6" body--7.75" overall 2.1oz
Trolled at 3mph on 30# mono or 50# superbraid, the 6" Deep Shad runs 11' deep with 45' of line out, 21' deep with 125' of line out