Slammer 10" Jointed Deep Shad


SKU: 100656

Bigger is better, and the 10" Jointed Deep Shad has that size advantage! Unlike most large baits, this one handles very easily and can do many different things. It's big, round lip easily walks over rock whether it is cast or trolled. A very easy-to-use casting bait for a bait this size. With the addition of a FishTail, this bait has produced monsters the last couple of falls when the big whitefish/cisco eaters have become conditioned to the big rubber baits. For trolling, it's tighter action gets it down quickly, but (in the spring and summer months) it has been far more deadly kept really short on a planer board to keep it high in the water column.
10.25" body--12.75" overall 5.6oz