Clam Silkie Jig Trailer

SKU: 167565
Another innovation by Clam Pro Tackle, the Silkie gives anglers a completely new option for jig trailers. Utilizing a patent-pending thread technology, the Silkie provides movement like nothing else, and elicits increased fish strikes over conventional synthetic trailers. By absorbing water, the natural silk material gives a unique action over other non-porous trailers. This new technology is only offered by Clam Pro Tackle, and will take the fishing industry by storm.


  • Silk trailer for jigs & spoons. Deadly for bluegills, crappie, perch and walleye!
  • 8 colors, 4 pack, 28 silk strands, 1.5” end-to-end
  • 1/8” Silicone Rigging Ball – nip hook, center hook, tail hook or pair ’em up!
  • Patent pending 100 wt silk thread
  • Highest quality silk comes naturally from the silkworm
  • Natural material silk not man-made synthetic
  • Less line twist than soft plastics or live bait = more bites
  • The secret is the silk material that absorbs water to naturally flow and fool fish!