3:16 Lures Rising Son Line-Thru Swimbait

SKU: 186226
  • Pushing a V wake
  • Skipping on the top
  • Moving slowly just a foot or two down. 

This is a bait that has the buoyancy to move and twitch on top with seductive action, while moving the bait only a few feet toward the boat to keep your bait in the strike zone longer. Skip, skip skip SLOSH. That's what we're after here.

Line Thru Rigging Instructions:   Feed your line thru the hole at the nose.   Line will come out at the chin - Tie on your hook - Embed one hook into the belly; two hooks will be exposed.   Make sure the split ring is flat against the body.

Length: 5" -  Weight: ~ 1.0oz. - Equipped with one (1) Owners Stinger Treble- ST-56 #1
Length: 6.75" (wt. approx. 2.3 oz) - 10/o  Owner Beast Hook