Clam Ice Auger Conversion Kit Drill Plate

Clam Ice Auger Conversion Kit Drill Plate
Clam Ice Auger Conversion Kit Drill Plate
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The NEW Auger Drill Plate by Clam™ converts any 18-volt drill (most have at least one in their garage) to a lightweight, powerful ice auger. Add Clam’s 6 inch hand auger (#9498) and its will have power, speed and result in less fatigue, this drill plate will have anglers from across the ice belt singing its praises. Here are a couple of key features.

INDUSTRIAL BALL BEARING Absorbs load from the auger so the drill is only used to spin the auger—not to support the auger torque— which greatly extends the life of the drill

UNIQUE, INNOVATIVE DESIGN Enables the user to simply remove the "chuck” from the drill and attach the auger bit—similar to a power auger.

Model #: 9497
*Lightweight and portable
*Weight: 6 lbs.
*Anodized aluminum frame/handle/plate
*Natural dual handle grip with easy to pull trigger
*Includes all necessary hardware to mount drill (drill not included)
*Works with most 18 volt cordless drills
*Works with most auger bits
*Tested drilling through over 700 inches of ice using 18 volt drill and clam 6-inch auger bit (item #9498—not included)
*Results may vary based on cordless drill & Auger bit used
*No hassle, no-worry setup
*And no loose auger bit falling out of the drill

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